Bad Bokeh Cafe

Photography by Pierre Lachaîne

Last day of the SuperEx

The Central Canada Exhibition (commonly referred to by locals as "the Ex" or in marketing as "SuperEx" was an annual fair which was held in Ottawa (Canada) every August from 1888 to 2010 except during the second World War. It was forced out of its longtime home at Lansdowne Park by a city administration which favoured music festivals and later leased the site to a private consortium for redevelopment as a shopping complex with a multiplex cinema and high-end housing. It was expected the Ex would move to a new site in the south end of the city, but that never materialized and its board dissolved itself in 2015. I attended the Ex from the summer I was born in 1953 until it's final year, except when I was away with the military and the seven years I lived in the Maritimes. August in Ottawa hasn't been the same since. I took these pictures with a Nikon D3000 and kit lens on the second last full day of the Ex. The D3000 was my first DSLR.